Top 5 Largest Churches In The World

According to the Bible, a church is a community of devotees of Jesus Christ. It is regarded as a holy area where God’s people meet to worship. Initially, a church wasn’t the building but the people who came together to fellowship. But these days, churches are the beautifully constructed buildings across the globe.

Most church structures represent some of the most elegant works of architecture and art in the world. That is why we came up with a list of the largest churches across the world. Some of these churches were built by the Romans. If you are an architect looking for inspiration, keep reading to the end.

Milan Cathedral

This church is located in Milan City, Italy. It is the 2nd biggest Catholic church in the universe. If you love Gothic architecture, this church is among the best examples of this kind of art. The church features 135 spires that are crowned using statures which represent significant individuals in Italy’s history. The tallest of the spires of this church is 108.8 meters and it is mounted with a shinning figure of the Virgin Mary.

Liverpool Cathedral

 This is another one of the largest churches you can ever imagine. Liverpool Cathedral’s construction began in 1904. It was finished in various stages in history and was consecrated in 1978. The church has the main alter situated in a round design in the church. The Liverpool Cathedral cover 9687 sq. kilometers in the inside and has many colors. Unlike other churches, this one is non-spired and measures 101m in height. The 67-meter long peak, highest and heaviest ring in the universe are among the things that make this church popular.

Ulm Minster

Thus church stands at 161.4 meters high and it is found in Ulm city in Germany. The internal area of Ulm Minister measures an area of 8260 sq. meters.  For lovers of the Gothic architecture style. You might want to visit this church for inspiration on your next project. You can access the top of this church by taking 768 steps. At the top of this church, you have a beautiful scenic view of the city, Ulm. Its construction began in 1377 and stopped for an extended time. The church competed in 1890.

Seville Cathedral

This church is located in Spain and features 11520 sq. meters. It has interiors of gold decoration. The construction of this church was started in 1428 and completed in 1528. Rouen Cathedral was a French architect who designed this church. It has 45 curved scenes made of wood and all are from Jesus Christ’s life. 

Hagia Sophia

Our last largest church in the creation comes from Turkey. It used to be the Eastern Orthodox church which was under the Roman Catholic church. It later became an Ottoman mosque. Currently, it serves as a mosque.  While people no longer worship in Hagia Sophia, this building has an interesting history – take a look on this article about top megachurches in america.


These are some of the largest churches in the universe. While not all are still active churches, they all have a great history and architectural styles worth admiration.