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We Welcome You

Come Ahead And Witness The Power Of God By Letting Him Change
Your Life For The Better.

What We Do

Take a Look At All The Faithful Services That We Have To Offer.

Prayer & Faith

A Devotional And Spiritual Appeal To The One Above In Order To Let Him Help Us Rise Above All The Negative Energy In This World.

Talks, Speeches & Discussionss

Important Talks And Speeches By Powerful Speakers Who Are Here To Share Their Life Experience And How Things Changed From The Day They Welcomed God.

Volunteer And Serve

As The Community, We Live In Deserves Our Help; This Is Our Chance To Stand Up For What Is Right And Move Ahead To Do It.

Discovering God's Heart For Racial Justice

Understand All About The Creation Of Humankind By Leaving Aside Differences That Are Only
Meant To Separate And Spring The Very Aspect Of Hate.

Our Team

With a Team Of Capable Individuals, We Move Ahead To Teach The World All About The Power Of God.

Timothy L. Garber

Timothy L. Garber

A Unique Speaker And a Well-Equipped Individual Who Is Ready To Help The Ones Who Are In Dire Need Of The Same.

Karen T. Hurst

Karen T. Hurst

Talking About God And His Infinite Wisdom Stands To Be Important Tasks That Are Handled With Perfection When Karen T. Hurst Comes Forward.

Inge J. Davis

Inge J. Davis

Looking Through Life In The Right Manner And Contributing To Society Are Certain Aspects That Drive Forward This Beautiful Human.


"St. Pauls Nc Church Is My Go-To Place As I Feel Comfort And The Power
Of Joy Every Time I Step Into The Same."

"Their Speeches Are Powerful As They Cover a Range Of Topics<br> That Are Essential To The Part Of Worship."

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